HK4 spectralyser - edit laser


In translation HK4 SPECTRALYSER is an Infrared spectrometer used to measure in line and in continuous several constituents such as moisture, fat, collagen, protein, starch ...

Due to its design, easy of use and the many innovations he enjoys the HK4 Spectralyser revolutionized the constituent measurement.

The HK4 Spectralyser allows manufacturer in the industrial sector the in line and in continuous measurement in real time 100% of the production, and greatly reduces the need for laboratory sampling and guarantees all its users to save time, material and increase the productivity.

The HK4 Spectralyser consists of a diode array.

It uses a configuration and calibration software, easy handling. The sofware works with Windows with multi-functional graphical devices that allow a qualitative analysis of the measure.

HK4 Spectralyser is insensitive to color variations, density and temperature of the product to measure. The LED array that composes it makes it very precise.