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INFRABELT is a new intelligent INFRARED sensor, specially developed for bulk products moisture materials measurement, transported on band conveyor.

INFRABELT allows bulk industries to check easily and with accuracy moisture content in real-time.

INFRABELT  optimizes industrial processes, guarantees a greater thermal performance, and permits quality control of transformation, manufacturing and reception of product bulk.

INFRABLET  is based on 20 years of acquired experience in line on industrial measurement and on the INFRARED measurement and test device development by EDIT Company.

INFRABELT therefore uses the last INFRARED technologies in particular by combining several water absorption wavelengths, to protect from limitations of NIR technologies and ensure a better precision in measurement, irrespective of the process variations and the products to measure.

INFRABELT consists of optical, mechanic and electronic parts, specifically studied to work in bulk industries process conditions.

INFRABLET is the ideal moisture measurement device to ameliorate cost-benefits and bulk industrials quality control.

  • Moisture measurement
  • Online measurement
  • Continuous measurement
  • Real-time measure
  • Contact free
  • Specific measurement on conveyors
  • Robust and adapted to difficult environments
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to use
  • Standalone product

NIR measuring principle

INFRABELT is equipped with interferential filters that select several wavelengths corresponding to the water molecules absorption NIR peaks.

A continuous light source with wide spectral band irradiates the sample to measure. A part of this radiation is backscattered and concentrated by a spherical mirror on the sensor.

The flow recovered is correlated with the product concentration that we want to measure and also with the absorbed light.

Then, data are processed and a calibration is created to read directly the moisture measurement.

NIR measuring principle


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