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Calorimeter Cone

The calorimeter cone is a test device that meets ISO 5660-1, 2 & 3 and ASTM E 1354.

This device permits to determine calorimetry :

  • KW/m2 heat flow calorimetry in oxygen depletion
  • Effective Heat of Combustion MJ / kg
  • Speed of mass loss in g / s
  • Time of inflammation in s
  • Production speed smoke m2 / s
  • O2 concentrations (CO and CO2 optional)

This device is sold complete with all the subsets to obtain the above data :

  • Installation Frame Chassis installation of all components, with support for thermo-balance mounted on anti-vibration system and equipped with panels shelf, drawers and all the planning needed to set up different following
  • Irradiation frustum electrically heated (240V) system, a power of 5 kW, with the control system of the temperature of the heating coil to enable a regulation of the heating power between 0 and 100 kilowatts / m2. The cone can be used in horizontal or vertical position. Electric height adjustment radiant cone for intumescent samples by manual control.
  • Screen protection externally controlled to protect the sample against the irradiation before the test (shutter)
  • Module thermo-precision scale to monitor weight loss during the test sample up to 500 g with an accuracy of ± 0.1 g. The balance is mounted independently of the chassis for improved stability. It is equipped with a protection device against the projections and can be adjusted in height.
  • The chamber (combustion zone) is provided with side shields to protect the operator projections during the test and isolate the sample external disturbances
  • Sets horizontal and vertical sample holder for the establishment of specimens 100x100x50 mm complete with insulation and reinforcement plate
  • Module ignition spark generator 10 kV nominal voltage device with continuous cutout safety
  • Flowmeter (Schmidt-Boelter) with its cooling system for measuring the heat flux emitted by the radiant with positioning at distances of 25 and 60 mm cone cone radiant
  • Burner methane (99.5% purity) with mass flow controller to calibrate the system for determining the rate of heat
  • Remote control for spark generator, shutter, recording time of ignition
  • Extraction System with hood, duct standard equipped with the different grips required for the implementation of measuring and sampling section
  • Fume Extractor with its control and variable flow control, provided for temperatures up to 300 ° C, low noise (<75dB).
  • Stainless steel construction for long life
  • And measurement system for determining the rate of extraction of the fumes by calibrated pressure sensor
  • A system for determining the opacity of smoke: measurement by helium-neon laser of 0.5 mW mounted independently to minimize disruption. Designed to ISO 5660-2 with detection photodiode calibration and optical filters (ND 0.3 and 0.8)

A sampling and analyzing gas comprising :

  • Specific 19 "Cabinet provided different panels (racks), installation and connection systems, scheduled for mobile unit in order to possibly be used with other devices (test according to ISO 9705 corner) and SBI (EN 13823) with Pushbutton control and error control of the status of the apparatus (dew point of the sample <5°C)
  • Main port annular gas tap in the main conduit. Additional holes provided as standard for the removal of soot and for connection to a measurement by FTIR (extra)
  • Installation and equipment needed to treat gas: filter (filters), trap (dehumidifier cooling), pump (diaphragm pump), absorb (CO2) and drive up the oxygen analyzer
  • Oxygen analyzer with paramagnetic cell model Oxymat 61 (range 0-21% by volume)
  • Acquisition and data processing and gas measurements with outputs for data acquisition and processing software PC interface.

Self-calibration option for the cone calorimeter is completely self-prepared for immediate use PLC type automation of the entire control system of the test and measurement, in particular for :

  • Turning off the ignition the doors open
  • Pre-program all the usual test sequences
  • Automatic calibration of the irradiation system at any level selected
  • In case of out of thermocouple, the cone remains energized
  • Electronic shutdown of gas valves

The apparatus also has a data acquisition system and a software with :

  • Transfer devices and data processing for acquisition with cable, memory cards, interfaces, etc.. :
    • Module acquisition of high-speed data transfer
    • Interface controlled by PLC to 20 channels
  • System of management and control of all functions of the aircraft :
    • Control of the use of the device (fan speed, rack gas analysis, heated line, mass flowmeters, test sequences, etc.).
    • Device diagnostics (out of thermocouple, closed doors, rack state gas analysis, general view of all incoming signals, etc.)
  • Standard PC with the latest generation with display (19?), Mouse (optical), keyboard and printer for control and data acquisition software acquisition and processing of all measured data to drop-down menus compatible with the latest Windows ® operating systems, multi-language for :
    • Check the status of various measuring instruments
    • Perform calibration
    • Acquire all test data
    • Perform the necessary calculations to obtain the desired results
    • Process and visualize results
    • Includes a module for the establishment of a self-test report directly in MS Word or MS Excel format.


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