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Glow Wire

The incandescent wire from EDIT&FIRE range has been designed to meet the tests of fire risks in accordance with the following European and French standards:

NF EN 60695-2-10 apparatus and common test procedure.
NF EN 60695-2-11 method for finished products (flammability test)
NF EN 60695-2-12 method for materials (flammability test)
NF EN 60695-2-13 method for materials (ignitability test)

It consists of observing the materials in the fire behavior when they are exposed to high temperatures, especially during the contact with a heated finger.

The Wire Incandescent (or Glow Wire) device has :

  • A heating element
  • A unit of temperature control
  • A motorized sample moving
  • A control automation manager
  • The whole is mounted on base and housing designed for robust and durable materials.

The compact design of the incandescent wire EDIT & FIRE significantly reduces the resulting contamination of combustion residues during the test protects the device from dirt and makes cleaning the work area, ensuring proper operation of the device in the long term.

The unit control reduces the setup time in temperature estimating the final temperature of the heating function of the current applied finger. A digital display connected to a thermocouple type K indicates in real-time the heating temperature of the finger and allows the operator to refine its settings with a resolution of 1°C.

The sample movements are managed by the unit control according to the requirements of the standards used in order to test.


  • Temperature range: From 50°C to 1000°C
  • Current Range: 0 to 200 A
  • Resolution: 1°C
  • 5 Traversal units: Horizontal, motorized
  • Power : 1 N
  • Removing sample : 180 mm
  • Move test : 7 mm
  • Power supply : 240 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Size : L x W x H 550 x 250 x 380 (en mm)
  • Wieght : 28 Kg
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