HDT / VICAT - edit laser


Determine Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) and VICAT softening point.


HDT-VICAT EDIT is a thermo-mechanic test under a constant pressure and variable temperature in order to follow material softening.

It allows to measure both heat deflection temperature (HDT) and VICAT softening point temperature in accordance with NF ISO 75 and 306.

It is used on thermoplastics and thermo set for the quality control during the process.



  • Tactical screen to drive tests and visualizethe results during the test
  • Export results to Computer
  • Cooling water system to a fast return to ambiant temperature
  • Safety system to limit the maximum temperature of the bath
  • Switching HDT to a Vicat simple and quick test
  • Increase temperature control according to the current standard
  • Supplied with a complete set of binary masses for HDT and Vicat test
  • Supplied with all accessories trial
  • Supplied with software to analyze the results (statistics, graphs)
  • Option : having one temperature sensor for each station
  • From 2 to 6 stations availables on request
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