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Pendulum impact XJF

Determine the resilience of thermoplastic materials to impact according to Charpy and Izod test

Product overview

XJF impact tester series of products allows the thermo-plastic to find the thermo-plastic polymers resistance in accordance with NF EN ISO 179, NF EN ISO 180 and ASTM D256.

Those equipments allow a quality control on samples derived from raw materials, semi-finished or finished products.


  • Charpy and Izod test without changing / disassembling either vice or pendulum
  • Variable impact energy with the same clock by adding / subtracting weights
  • Change the starting angle
  • Automatic identification of the test method
  • Tactical screen to control the test and export results on computer
  • Pneumatic Release Test
  • Display results in real time
  • Supplied with all accessories
  • On line Maintenance of the unit


  • Tests complying with NF EN ISO 179 and 180 and ASTM D256
  • Adjust speed to +/- 0.05%
  • Result accuracy 0.01J
  • RS232 Outlet connection
  • Power 220V/50Hz
  • Dimensions 750mm x 350mm x 860mm
  • Net weight : 100 kg
  • Poids net : 100 kg
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