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Polynorme 504

Polynormes are a family of three reaction test to fire complementary test devices for the M classification of building materials and furnishings.

M classification includes a number of test methods to reference the building materials and furnishings according to their reaction to fire. They are well distributed in the categories M, M1, M2, M3, M4. Materials are listed by either they are flexible with a thickness less than or equal to 5 mm or flexible than 5 mm thick and rigid of all thickness. Floor coverings are subject to a separate method, using specific test such as the radiant test panel, supplemented by radiation test ranking.

Polynormes meet the requirements of standards NF P 92-503 (Electrical burner test), 504 (test persistence and spread of flame) and 505 (drop test).

Polynormes allow industrial to insure the level of M classification for their new product before sending it to a laboratory for certification and then follow the quality manufacturing control. This is particularly important when Industrials manufacture in a foreign country and want to sell its product in France.

Three models of Polynormes

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